Breakfast with Bread

by wands on July 5, 2009

Carole and her Durban loaves.

Carole and her Durban loaves.

Wonderful company for Breakfast at Wimbledon.

A heated Arizmendi sourdough half-baguette didn’t cut it. Is it the sourdough that doesn’t warm well, or is it the oven that doesn’t keep temperature?

Success follows with a heated Acme sweet baguette — crisped on the outside (verging on cremated — intense game Federer / Roddick; distracting) and soft enough on the inside. Note to self: It’s always worth deep-freezing these half baguettes left from dinner parties.

Bliss this morning is to dunk the bread into, and to spoon on, the last of my TJs Mediterranean cheese style yoghurt (left over from same dinner party). How especially good it is drizzled with a few heavy-handed slugs of Bariani decanted unfiltered olive oil (harvested Fall 07, bottled 8/26/08 — a gift from Cornel — in dark green glass and stored in the dark; the date being a good reason to indulge), plus TJ pitted kalamata olives. Mmmm.

And the sweeter touch afterwards, from Ashland, made by Ms. Linda’s friends who have bees. The honey is firm but melts with the knife into — the name that comes up is cristalline jewel-like amber on the butter, and smooth, and not too sweet.

And Hyson supreme pekoe tea — not a designer tea but good and strong, the leaves plumping up in the boiled water; then, not wanting to miss a serve, a second and a third cup of tea from a bag. KwaZulu-Natal Ntingwe tea bought at Woolies in Durban. Recommended by Carole, who makes the best bread in Durban.

Delicious breakfast company all this is. And so easy.

It doesn’t ask what the score is, and whether this is a record, and how long they’ve been playing, and other distracting things. (I won’t say who just woke up.)

There is something to be said, on occasions, for food as companion of choice.

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