Cuisine Noir – Delicious Life: Andrew Zimmern’s bizarre foods Top 10 list

by wands on October 1, 2009

(Delicious Life column, Cuisine Noir magazine, October 2009 issue)

Andrew Zimmern is a serious culinary traveler. Some might say Xtreme. He’s eaten flying ants in Uganda, porcupine in South Africa, armadillo in Bolivia, raw camel kidneys in Ethiopia, scorpion in China, Hunan-style rooster balls in Los Angeles — and that’s just for starters.

The co-creator and host of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” and more recently, “Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World,” takes his sometimes gagging, often drooling fans on global adventures as he tracks down, tastes and records traditional and disappearing foods.

Given the “B” theme of his shows, it’s no surprise that he is best known for his more exotic finds. But there’s a delicious method and serious side to his seeming madness and speaking to the self-proclaimed cultural anthropologist, it’s easy to notch up reasons to eat outside the box.

So, why have “culinary” on your travel menu? And how do you begin, if you’re a newby?

To answer these questions and for your reading, travel and eating pleasure, we give you our Zimmern–inspired Top 10 Far-from-Bizarre List.

  1. “Food is a primary avenue to discovering what is most authentic about cultures everywhere,” says Zimmern. “I can learn much more about a people, a place, its history and traditions in a jungle market in Thailand than at the antiquities museum in Bangkok.”
  2. “I remember being with a group at a hotel in China and they were trying to get the address of the Hard Rock Cafe. That to me is the number one stupid factor for tourists. You’re on an once-in-a-lifetime trip. Why would you waste a night in Beijing having a crappy hamburger … Click here to read the full version of  “Top 10 Far-From-Bizarre Reasons to Put Culinary on Your Travel Menu” — my monthly Cuisine Noir Delicious Life column.

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