How to indulge your chocolate fantasies — and stay slim (Video)

by wands on October 7, 2009

It may not sound possible, but it is.

To see how, I invite you to view today’s ultimate chocoholic video.

It was filmed at a chocolate tasting on a Sunday afternoon in Berkeley, California, at the home of Naomi Friedman. Friedman has a business called Cooking with Naomi. She gives cooking lessons, food tours (follow this link to read about an Oakland Chinatown tour) and wine tours.

She also conducts chocolate tastings, pretty much like this one, which was for friends. Friedman had a variety of chocolate samples left over from a project she’d done pairing chocolate and wine. We indulged.

How do you eat chocolate? Do you sit down and indulge in the flavors? Let them linger on your taste buds? Relish each morsel? I challenge you to eat chocolate that way — as much as your heart desires.

Post script: I apologize that this blog is coming along in fits and starts. It’s not lack of material that’s holding it up. It’s purely time constraints. When it gets going, you’ll learn exactly how you can eat what you want and when you want; toss your diet books and regimes for good; and be slim, sensual and happy with yourself.

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