Cuisine Noir – Delicious Life: Why add culinary to your travel menu?

by wands on September 1, 2009

(Delicious Life column, Cuisine Noir magazine, September 2009 issue)

A few years ago I was sent by my editor at Cosmopolitan in South Africa, where I was working at the time, on what seemed like a dream assignment. The magazine had teamed up with a travel company and would offer readers a trip to experience “the best” of what Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore had to offer. I was to go with the firm’s rep to preview the sights, the sounds, the smells — and the tastes — for an article. A complete flavor package, if you will. “It’s a tough life but someone has to do it,” I told my friends as they drooled with envy.

I thought of this when sitting down to write my first column for this, the first issue of publisher V. Sheree Williams’ luscious magazine about cuisine and travel. (See Cuisine Noir.) Talk about the perfect pairing. Indeed, we are what (and how) we eat (and drink). So could there be a more palatable way to get to know a country, a city, a culture — our friends and family — than through our taste buds and culinary traditions? I don’t think so.

Imagine my surprise — getting back to that dream assignment to the exotic East — when the man I was to travel with for 10 days told me, within minutes of our first meeting at the airport in Johannesburg: “I leave my stomach at home when I travel.” He added, literally purring with self-satisfaction …  Click here to read the full version of  “Why add culinary to your travel menu?” — my monthly Delicious Life column.

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