The Portuguese wine potluck, Berkeley (video)

by wands on September 9, 2009

Portuguese peri-peri prawns, chicken, and chicken livers, are three delicious reasons to visit Durban, South Africa.

Given that Durbs is my home town and favorite African city, my contribution to the Portuguese wine bottling and potluck at Subterranean Cellars (click here to see and hear Tim Patterson and Roger Campbell talking about the wines we bottled — and imbibed) was chicken livers peri-peri.

(Recipe and details to follow in another post.)

Given that visitors to the Patterson / Freeman residence are invariably food lovers and passionate cooks, Portuguese treats were abundant at the celebratory bottling potluck party. A remarkable feat, I thought, given that to my knowledge, there is not a single Portuguese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

There used to be one in the wine country town of Sonoma. I don’t know if it’s still there. But I can tell you, the peri-peri prawns Mozambique style were not. And when I asked the owner why, when he had described them thus, he said he had adapted them for California palates and to pair with California wines.

Which is a good reason for food lovers to go visit Durban.

Click here to see the video on how Roughy the winery cat saved Subterranean Cellars and had a deck dedicated to what is now his memory.

But right now: Relish this!

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