You’re hired! — Hear Robyn’s tips and strategies (podcast)

by wands on September 30, 2009

Bay Area industrial engineer and IT professional Robyn Pierce has been laid off twice, the first time from Hewlett-Packard and the second, from a Napa Valley winery. Hear her, in this interview, talk about the impact of the layoffs, what pitfalls she has learned to avoid, and what she has learned by ways of tips and success strategies.

Please scroll down to hear:

  • How a job layoff dents your confidence.
  • How Robyn dealt with her first job layoff.
  • Why the second layoff was worse than the first.
  • How she staved off depression.
  • Why having group support is important — and more.

Question: What was your biggest layoff challenge and what tips or advice can you share?

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