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October 2009

How to indulge your chocolate fantasies — and stay slim (Video)

October 7, 2009

It may not sound possible, but it is. To see how, I invite you to view today’s ultimate chocoholic video. It was filmed at a chocolate tasting on a Sunday afternoon in Berkeley, California, at the home of Naomi Friedman. Friedman has a business called Cooking with Naomi. She gives cooking lessons, food tours (follow […]

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Cuisine Noir – Delicious Life: Andrew Zimmern’s bizarre foods Top 10 list

October 1, 2009

(Delicious Life column, Cuisine Noir magazine, October 2009 issue) Andrew Zimmern is a serious culinary traveler. Some might say Xtreme. He’s eaten flying ants in Uganda, porcupine in South Africa, armadillo in Bolivia, raw camel kidneys in Ethiopia, scorpion in China, Hunan-style rooster balls in Los Angeles — and that’s just for starters. The co-creator […]

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