I’m outta here! When resigning is harder than getting the boot – Part 4

by wands on January 10, 2010

Harriet, center, with fellow journalists and a kiwi bird in New Zealand.

Harriet, center, with fellow journalists and a kiwi bird in New Zealand.

Continued from Part 3 of When resigning is harder than getting the boot.

Baskas is well aware there are a lot of people working jobs they hate — and that common for people to be have their identity so invested in their job that they stay there.

“I know some people don’t have choice. But many, I think, have more choice than they think.”

What would she advise someone not happy in a job and thinking of leaving to freelance or run their own business?

“I’d tell people to stretch their day. Start doing what it is you love. Moonlight a bit, even if you’re up all the time. If you love it and want to explore it as an option, try doing it.

“I know people who have used vacation time to try out other jobs.”

And sometimes it takes losing it and then the person goes and gets a certificate, for example; and becomes a teacher [for instance]; and then they’re really happy and wish they’d done it sooner.

Her husband loves radio. When she left her job, he was in management.

And he stepped back down. “Sometimes you give up a little bit of money and get back happiness.

“You give up earning that extra $10 000, make a change to live on that much less, and live happier.”

Her identity now?

“I’m a writer, a radio producer and a creative person who manages my own business. And I can be very supportive of the person who took my job. Every time he calls for advice, I say ‘better you than me’.”

These days, among other things, Baskas writes her personal blog / column stuck at the airport “for my own entertainment;” she is the well-mannered traveler at MSNBC and she writes a monthly “at the airport” column for USA Today.

Onward and upward! How did you cope with job loss?

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