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February 2010

Rabbit-proof food

February 25, 2010

The next time you want to serve a meal that is easy to prepare, needs no utensils and requires a lick of the fingers for cleanup, you might consider bunny chow. And no, this does not involve carving up and cooking Bugs, Roger or any other rabbit. In fact, in its original form, it’s about […]

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No-diet weight loss visualization podcast

February 14, 2010

Step One: Visualization (Audio to go with No-diet weight loss: Three simple steps to success.) Sit upright, close your eyes (or look down if closing your eyes is uncomfortable for you) and after a brief relaxation exercise, we’re going to visit the future. You in the future. Please click on the audio link to follow […]

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Cuisine Noir – Delicious Life: Feed your passion with edible aphrodisiacs

February 1, 2010

(Delicious Life, Cuisine Noir magazine, February 2010) What does a man do when he has stars in his eyes, Cupid sitting on his shoulder, and he wants to woo the woman of his dreams? Chances are, he invites her out for dinner. If he’s a wise man, there will be chocolates, champagne on ice, and […]

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