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Ha-ha, Hee-hee-hee

Laughter — It’s the Best Medicine

Published in Oakland and Alameda magazines — July/August 2009

Laughing matters. Pic: iStock-CarloDaPino

Feeling agitated? Anxious? Or perhaps you’re preoccupied with some concern?

Then laugh.

A growing body of research is telling us that laughter really is the best medicine. It seems the well-known saying, “He who laughs last laughs longest,” should read, “He [or she] who laughs a lot lives longest, healthiest and happiest.”

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How to rekindle sexual passion when the fire is dead

First published in Cosmopolitan magazine, South Africa

It’s late at night and you’re in bed. The body to your left, pushing gentle zzzzs, radiates a comfortable warmth. The radio to your right plays softly. Your mental meanderings are suddenly jolted into focus by Rod Stewart’s voice. It’s golden oldie time and he’s warbling on about passion. “I need passion. You need passion. We need passion. Can’t live without passion.”

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Corporate Cutbacks — Victim or Victor?

Every minute of every working day, people are being laid off — fired — retrenched. Is there a way to turn this potential catastrophe to your advantage?

Story by Wanda Hennig

First published in Cosmopolitan magazine, South Africa

Another one bites the dust. iStock—pidjoe

I became a labor statistic the first time at lunchtime one muggy Friday, just six weeks after beginning what had been “sold” to me as (drum roll here) “the most stimulating and challenging work opportunity likely to come your way in a decade.”

When I arrived at work on Day One in item number one of my totally new executive wardrobe, my bubbling enthusiasm was tempered only by a small whisper of trepidation. Would I rise to the occasion? Would I live up to the expectations of the employer who had actively headhunted me from a secure and sought-after position? In my new job, I had been given an executive title, and an open brief. I had staff awaiting my guidance.

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The Great Coach Solution

How a personal life coach can help you.

Got job blues, life blues, feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut? What you need is a personal coach.

By Wanda Hennig

First published in Black Diamond Living magazine, California

Coaching — for a new direction.

Gail Davies* was about to hit 50. The London–based executive at an international design company had a job she liked, a boss she abhorred, a marriage she was questioning, a body she was too busy to give any thought to, family and friends she was neglecting — and every so often she had the urge to ditch everything, move to Africa and write detective novels.

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