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Copyright & Copy Use

All content on this website is subject to United States copyright guidelines and laws. All the writing and photography on the site is the copyright of the author, the editor and/or a specific publication.

We hope you enjoy the stories. We invite you to share any of the stories on the site by posting the url and linking back to the story and this site (and thank you for doing this).

If you wish to republish any of the material you find on this site, in full or in part, for editorial, advertising or promotional purposes, please contact the editor, Wanda Hennig, to negotiate a license fee.

For non-commercial use, specifically in the case of nonprofits, please request permission to republish any part of a story. We in turn will request that you acknowledge this as the source and to link back to this site.

Copying material from this website and posting it to another website, or publishing in any other form, will be seen as a violation of the copyright. Please note that according to US copyright law, material need not have a copyright symbol to be copyrighted. Website content works the same way as content in a book or magazine in terms of copyright protection.

Copyright law does allow “fair use” of small parts of copyrighted works without the permission of the author for reporting, teaching or research purposes — but not for commercial purposes. We request that if you make use of the “fair use” clause, you acknowledge this website as the source and link back to us.

We’d love any feedback — and to work with you in mutually supportive ways.

Thanks very much!

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