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What Clients Say

Over a year ago, my now ex-husband and I separated after his revealing his longtime infidelity in a single phone call. I realized that I was at a significant crossroads, that I had a choice. I either could stagnate and wallow in self-pity, or take this change in life circumstance and move in a positive, life-affirming direction. I quickly chose the later.

The greatest gift I gave myself on my healing journey was to work with a life coach — and there is no one more life affirming than Wanda! From the beginning, she invited me to explore my true inner spirit and to set my sights on a limitless future.

She helped me formulate goals from the concrete to the whimsical and to keep them ever in my mind’s eye through the use of a vision board and illuminating writing exercises. And, she offered visualizations and other techniques to counteract any obstacles or self-effacing thoughts that might impede my path. I regarded our weekly sessions as a vital means of centering myself, making myself a priority as I found myself at times being pulled off course.

In her unique way, Wanda sheds light on a road one could choose to take resulting in profound inner growth and does it with compassion, humor and love. In gratitude — Natalie Cohen (a.k.a. Nirvana)

A coaching giggle.

A coaching giggle.

“Indeed, the transformation continues. Thank you for giving me so many good tools to work with. Creative tools, no less.

I benefited from the coaching and I believe the company has benefited as well. Having your support helped me develop my confidence as a manager. I asked my staff for feedback recently and was gratified to see how morale and enthusiasm have improved.

When I started, I felt like a big heavy ocean liner sailing in the wrong direction and unable to change course. Now I feel I’ve turned right around and am heading where I want to go.” — Marj B., publishing executive and editor

What do you get working with Wanda?

Among other things, experience, humor, creativity, empathy and results — plus practices and tools; a partner on your journey; a coaching relationship structured to your needs; a coach who will challenge you and hold you accountable in ways that work best for you.

“I never realized that it was possible to be held back by so many old habits and perspectives. Thanks also for helping me value myself so that now I can place a value on my work.” — M.K., social worker turned artist

Life and perspectives transform.

Life and perspectives transform.

There was a time not so very long ago when I felt stuck, stalled — stagnant. Work ruled my days and weeks and although I felt “successful”, I couldn’t say I really enjoyed my life. I spent a great deal of time thinking about how I could change, or thinking that if only my situation would change, everything would be better. But nothing changed.

Coaching with Wanda came about almost by chance. With low expectations, I thought, “Hey, why not?”

I was surprised at the scope of what I discovered working with Wanda. The coaching helped me uncover, value and develop strengths I didn’t realize I had. It also helped me see what was really important to me; what gave me the most happiness and energy. And my focus hadn’t been there.

I’d say that through coaching with Wanda, I’ve learned how to purposefully change my life and bring in more happiness and energy.

I learned the origins of, and how to change, some of the stories I had about myself that were influencing me negatively. I learned to pay attention to my feelings and savor the many good things in my life. Making changes is difficult and changing old habits is challenging but throughout, Wanda was a source of encouragement and accountability.

Coaching has taught me that there are many possible ways I can view myself and situations that arise in my life. I used to often get stuck thinking there was one option or outcome. I thought that I didn’t like change, but I learned that I enjoy change and am very adaptable. Instead of stewing in myopia, I’ve learned ways to think through decisions, imagine different possibilities, and then pursue the path that offers the outcome I most want. This has been freeing and empowering. It’s as if I’ve developed a tool set to help me deal with situations in a way that’s positive and that fosters personal growth.

I feel that the coaching has benefited all areas of my life: family, friends, work and self. I no longer feel stuck, stalled or stagnant. I know I’m better equipped to deal with whatever surprises life throws my way. I have confidence that I will make it through. Truthfully, I think your coaching was a lifesaver, really, and I enjoyed it was well. — Melissa S. Sun, Marketing Professional.

Coaching by phone works.

Coaching by phone works.

“It’s amazing the difference in how I feel about myself and my life. I realize I can do many of the things I used to tell myself I couldn’t. Thanks to the processing and gremlin work, I don’t get so bogged down in all the heavy emotional stuff. And it’s so rewarding when I’m getting things accomplished (and not procrastinating).” — C.C., art and technology teacher/manager

“Thank you for the support and encouragement you gave me; the hope and direction. You built up my self-esteem and made me realize my potential. I am grateful that you challenged me to really think about what was important to me and to do something about it. It helped that you made me accountable to you for the actions I did or didn’t take.” — Deborah M., office manager

“Dissatisfied with my day-to-day life as a housewife, yet knowing intellectually that I was in a fantastic position in not having to take a paid job, I turned to coaching to help me sort things out. What did I have to do to live a happy life? Therapy had not done the trick for me (can we say ‘analysis-paralysis’?). Medication had helped me out of a trough but, as my psychiatrist said, ‘I can’t make you happy if your life isn’t making you happy!’

Life tastes better.

Life tastes better.

“I knew I needed someone to help me ‘do’ life better. And for me, doing is key — doing more about and thinking less about my problems — is the way for me. Wanda helped me see that, play with it and made it fun!

Wanda’s playfulness mirrors the playfulness she encourages in making changes — ‘Just try it, see what happens, experiment!’ is the attitude she encourages.

This makes it far easier to ‘ease’ into new ways of being instead of ‘making a commitment to change’ (a scary prospect for anyone who is in the slightest commitment-phobic).

“I really liked having most of my coaching sessions by phone, though it did take a little time to get used to. It is said that we remember information best in the environment in which we learn it — likewise, I find it is much easier to integrate insights into my life when I learn them in my life setting.

“And what did I achieve in my work with Wanda? Well, amongst others — I got a good start on a lot of house maintenance and construction that I’d been procrastinating over for years, got into an enjoyable exercise routine, came to like my husband again (I’d loved him all along but the liking part makes life a lot easier) and am now volunteering in a field I’ve wanted to work in since I was a teenager.

“Most of all, through experimenting, I have really come to believe what part of me has known all along — that when I take time and effort to make myself happy, the benefit goes far beyond myself! Thank you Wanda!” — Finally Content, East Bay

“The eight months I spend with you as my coach has made a monumental difference to my life. You helped me to see the positives and to go after my goals. You helped me to work on the negative chatter in my head. I can attribute so many things to our coaching. Thanks to your encouragement to go after what I wanted. I joined an online dating service and am now dating someone who may be ‘the one’ — time will tell. (Update: They are married and have a daughter.)

“I feel the coaching got my butt in gear and I stopped letting fear guide me.”

— Lynn M., administrative assistant

“I have my new entertainment agency up and running. I attribute having it happen this fast to having you hold me accountable and helping me understand my rhythms and strengths.” — Dana M., musician and entrepreneur